Project management and client representation
for the jointly defined project goal

From project preparation through planning and construction down to the completion of the project with the handover and commissioning, we manage all stages of your building project from a technical, economic and ecological point of view, for your defined project goal.

As experienced project managers, we have already proven our competence in the implementation of these tasks. You can find more about this in our “Projects”. We also have an established network of specialists and expert engineers for specialised tasks.

Project management and client representation

As your project manager, we manage the project processes and teams competently and across the board, with a focus on costs, deadlines and quality, always with a view to the common project goal.

Project controlling

For institutional investors, such as banks, insurance companies and funds or private investors and asset managers, we, as your project controller, manage the key processes strictly and consistently in the main areas:

  • Reporting
  • Decision Management
  • Controlling
  • Allocation of funds
  • Risk Management
  • Project revision

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